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A Complete View of Your Business

We offer sophisticated analytical solutions tailored for businesses, government, and other organizations of any size.

Our operational and performance dashboards utilize hundreds of pre-built measures - for finance, sales, project management and many other areas.

Our project management and oversight solution allows you to monitor the progress of projects and strategic initiatives. But more importantly, it also helps you track the impact of those projects on your financial, customer, and internal process objectives.

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Performance Essentials

Optimizing the performance of any organization requires clear, concise information delivered across all levels of the enterprise - information that is current, easy to understand and readily accessible. With today's tools and technology, daily insight into an organization's performance - at an enterprise, departmental or individual level - should be a given.

Create a true culture of Visibility, Accountability, and Performance Enhancement

From monitoring key performance indicators that measure achievement of your most critical goals and objectives, to tracking the progress of strategic initiatives and projects, Performance Essentials gives you the tools you need.

Get a complete view of your company's performance, create Balanced Scorecards, Strategy Maps and Performance Dashboards, and plan and monitor the Projects and Processesto support the organization's Objectives, with an integrated, all-in-one solution from BI-PM.

Immediate Competitive Advantage

Our solutions are available either installed on your site or hosted in the cloud.

Either way, the flexibiity and functionality of our solutions allow you to take full advantage of the latest developments in business intelligence and performance management, including:

  • Management-Driven Measures - measures based on best practices from industry experts.
  • Flexible Dashboards - all key business information on customizable graphical dashboards.
  • Ad-hoc Reporting - information in the right view and format for your needs.
  • Integration to Data Sources - business-focused integration options.
  • Quick Availability - solution can be available to you in days, not months.
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