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Steve Tallent, Principal

Steve Tallent is passionate about delivering high value solutions to BI-PM's customers. Steve has over 20 years of experience working with companies of all sizes to deliver the right solutions to meet the customer's needs.

For the last seven years, Steve has been the Principal at BI-PM, building a track record of satisfied customers by solving business problems with a unique blend of business and technical skills.

Steve has worked for industry leading companies such as IBM, Information Builders, Dun and Bradstreet, and Cognos in a variety of business, management and technical roles.

Business Competencies: Software Development Life Cycle, Process Automation, Vendor Management, Mentoring, Training and Contractor Management, Project Management, Business and Systems Analysis, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Master Data Management

Technical Competencies: Web development, Database design, Business intelligence, Performance management, HTML5/CSS/Javascript/jQuery, php, .net, sql, WebFOCUS, VisualCue

Why Choose Us?

Today's economy has changed the way companies need to do business. To be successful, this competitive market demands swift reaction to changes in your sales and financial situation. Results available TODAY are critical to remain ahead of your competitiors. BI-PM provides web applications, business intelligence and performance management solutions that can be implemented quickly and affordably for businesses of all sizes. BI-PM helps clients keep their finger on the pulse of running a successful business, increasing revenue and reducing operational costs.