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Rich Internet Applications and HTML5

by BI-PM Consulting

Posted on June 13 at 9:00 PM

Definition - What does Rich Internet Application (RIA) mean?

A Rich Internet Application (RIA) is a Web application with many of the same features and appearances as a desktop application.

Essentially, a Rich Internet Application is capable of delivering a rich experience to the user. It is the richness of the experience that is often enhanced by making software that is more natural - more connected, more alive, more interactive, and more responsive.

Just a few years ago, RIAs required complex frameworks such as Flash or Silverlight to handle the rich graphics, media streaming and multi-level data grids. Today, HTML5 frameworks provide the same functional

Why you should rebuild your website in HTML 5

Are you familiar with these issues :

  • People cannot access your website from their iPad and iPhone?
  • You cannot share a specific URL from your website?
  • When your browser doesn't have the last flash version, you cannot see your website?

We can help your company migrate to a modern, responsive website. The power of today's HTML5 frameworks make the process faster and less expensive than you may think. Call us today to find out who we can help.

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